Safety rules



1.1. Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and can present threat to the life and health of visitors, and therefore, you can start classes only after reading these rules. Any point in this manual can be clarified with the coach or administrator of the Climb Lab.

1.2. The Climb Lab climbing gym is divided into the following training zones:

- climbing wall,

- workout zone.

1.3. It is allowed to be on the climbing wall only in the presence of a trainer on duty on the territory of the Climb Lab.

1.4. Visitors are obliged to strictly comply with the requirements of the Climb Lab climbing wall staff regarding their stay in the climbing wall, activities and behavior at the climbing wall.

1.5. Climbing on the Climbing Wall is allowed only in climbing shoes.


2.1. Climb Lab is designed exclusively for bouldering. The climbing wall is not intended for any other type of climbing.
When you are on the territory of the gym, you must follow the Recommendations for the prevention of a new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) specified in the Terms of Service, as well as on the Climb Lab website -
2.2. While at the Climbing Gym it is prohibited:
1. Climb behind the climbing wall structure;
2. Climb with rings on fingers and other adornments that could catch on the elements of the climbing wall, create prerequisites for an accident, injure the visitor and others;
3. Climb with things that could fall down while climbing;
4. Climb with long fingernails;
5. Listen to music with headphones during class, while there are a large number of visitors in the gym;
6. Chew gum, candy, or hold any other small objects in your mouth while climbing;
7. Stay and climb on the sectors marked with a "closed" sign;
8. Install, remove, or replace the equipment with which the climbing wall is equipped;
9. Jumping from the climbing wall onto the safety mat, which is dangerous for your health and the health of people around you;
10. It is necessary to carry out the descent from the routes by climbing;
11. It is forbidden to use for climbing building ceilings, metal structures and other supporting structures of the building;
12. Sit and lie on the safety mats;
13. Be under each other while climbing;
14. Perform acrobatic elements on the mat;
15. Move on the surface of the mat by running;
16. Carry and leave foreign objects on the mat, including water, drinks, mobile phones, etc.
2.3. When you are at the climbing wall you must:
1. Always be ready for grouping in case of a breakdown;
2. Before starting you must make sure that your start and further movement does not create obstacles and does not threaten other visitors.


3.1. The entrance to the physical training area is allowed only in sportswear and indoor training sport shoes.

3.2. In the workout zone, it is prohibited:

1. Exercise on fitness equipment in outdoor shoes and climbing shoes;

2. Bring food and drinks in an open container to the warm-up area;

3. Use faulty equipment and take independent measures to repair it;

4. Engage in exercise equipment during rest;

5. Climb with your feet on the upper structures of the power frame, sit on the crossbars;

6. Use TRX functional loops and gymnastic rings not in accordance with the instructions for use, in particular, stand in the loops with your feet, swing like on a swing, etc.

3.3. In the workout zone it is necessary:

1. Select loads corresponding to the level of the Visitor's readiness;

2. Before using unfamiliar fitness equipment, first consult a coach on the correct use of them;

3. Carry out a preliminary warm-up before performing the main load;

4. Have the help of an insurance partner during the exercise;

5. Remove equipment and rugs after use to the designated storage area.

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