Terms of service



1.1. The following services are provided at the Climb Lab gym:

- personal classes,

- group classes,

- free climbing (hereinafter - pass),

- functional group training,

- rent of equipment,

- trial lesson,

- split class for two (personal class for two people with a coach).

1.2. In the case of purchasing the services with coach, the coach is responsible only within the framework of his actions, namely, for the implementation of insurance in a proper manner. Responsibility for compliance with safety rules is on the Visitor, legal representative (for minors) or an accompanying person.

1.3. Services are provided to the Visitor only after filling out and signing the client card, familiarizing himself with the following documents (on the official website climb-lab.ru, at the information desk and / or at the reception):
- a public offer agreement with consent to the processing of personal data,
- these Terms of Service,
- safety rules on the territory of the Climb Lab climbing gym,
- Price list,
- applications for minors (if necessary).

1.4. By agreeing to these terms, the Visitor confirms:
- acceptance of these Terms,
- absence of medical contraindications for sports, including rock climbing.
1.5. The climbing gym offers 2 (two) types of subscriptions:
1.5.1. Packs for visits. Terms of use of the subscription:
- can be transferred to friends;
- have unlimited duration;
- you can take friends by your subscription.
1.5.2. Passes for the period of validity:
- unlimited number of visits during the subscription period;
- you can visit the gym any time when the gym is open;
- the subscription is activated from the first visit.
1.6. In case of purchasing a subscription, the Visitor fills in the documents in accordance with clause 1.3. of these Terms of Service, pays the cost of the purchased subscription according to the Price List and information posted on the official website climb-lab.ru, receives a check with the name of the purchased subscription, as well as information about the conditions of the purchased subscription.
1.7. The climbing gym offers gift certificates. Information about the cost and terms / conditions for using the certificates are located on the official website climb-lab.ru and in the Price List.
1.8. The climbing gym offers the following discounts: 10% of one-time services for members of Russian climbing national team and Moscow climbing team, members of large families, students, members pensioners, persons with disabilities of I, II, III groups, including children with disabilities of I, II, III groups upon presentation of a document certifying belonging to one of the above social groups.

1.9. The climbing gym provides services for adults and children. Detailed information about the cost of visiting the Climbing Gym for adults and children is located on the official website of the Climb Lab. The cost of one-time services is indicated for 1 person (1 place). This condition applies to trial, group and personal classes for children, as well as adult pass, trial, climbing group and personal class, functional training.
The cost of "split-training for two" services is indicated for 2 people. The cost of "split workout for two" includes the cost of equipment.
1.10. The duration of classes at the Climb Lab climbing gym is:
1.10.1. personal classes - 60 minutes or 120 minutes to the Visitor`s choice. This condition applies to both adults and children;
1.10.2. group lessons, including: children's group 5-7 years old - 80 minutes, children's group 8-15 years old - 120 minutes, adult group class - 160 minutes;
1.10.3. trial lesson - 60 minutes. This condition applies to both adults and children;
1.10.4. day pass - the duration of the visit is limited only by the work schedule of Climb Lab, valid until the end of the work day of Climb Lab on the day of payment for day pass;
1.10.5. split workout for two - 60 minutes or 120 minutes to the Visitor`s choice.
1.10.5. functional training - 60 minutes.
1.11. The cost of classes at the Climbing Gym depends on the duration of the classes chosen by the Visitors.
1.12. Payment for the services of the Climbing Gym can be carried out in the following ways:
1.12.1. by paying in cash,
1.12.2. by cashless way through the terminal installed on the territory of the Climbing gym,
1.12.3. online through the Internet on the Climb Lab website climb-lab.ru.
1.13. The cost of climbing classes depends on the time of entry to the Climb Lab for classes, not on the time of payment for the corresponding services. Thus, in the case of payment for classes at the "Morning Prices", which are valid on weekdays until 16:30, the Visitor must come to the Climb Lab before 16.30 on weekdays. In the event that the entrance to the Climb Lab is carried out after 16.30 on weekdays, even if payment is made before 16.30, or at any time on weekends, the cost of services is determined according to the "Evening prices" valid on weekdays after 16:30 and all day weekend.


2.1. Children from 5 to 18 years old can practice at the Climbing Gym both independently and under the supervision of a legal representative.
2.2. Independent visit admission:
2.2.1. Persons aged 16-18 are allowed to climb on their own only with an application from one of the legal representatives and presenting a passport to minors or a copy of it in order to confirm their age. The statement of the legal representative is located on the official website of Climb lab. The application is submitted personally by a legal representative to the Climb lab administrator or can be filled out by legal representatives and submitted by a minor child of 16-18 years old before the start of classes with a copy of the legal representative's passport or a scanned passport by e-mail in order to confirm the will of the legal representative. The legal representative bears full responsibility for the life and health of the minor, as well as for his compliance with these Terms, safety rules, public offer agreement.
2.3. Admission to classes with a coach:
2.3.1. Children 5-18 years old are allowed for individual or group classes with a coach without the presence of a responsible person.
2.3.2. Children under 5 years of age are not allowed to train at the Climb lab.
2.3.3. Minor children can train in a group or individually with a coach on the basis of an application by the child's legal representative, filled out in the form established by Climb lab, strictly at the time set by the schedule of group classes, or under the signature of the coach about accepting the child for the lesson during the time set for holding appropriate occupation.
2.3.4. Children with developmental disabilities can work with a coach only individually and only on condition of prior notification of Climb lab about the child's disabilities.


3.1. Before the start of classes, the Visitor must familiarize himself with the Terms of Service, Safety Rules, Public Offer Agreement and strictly comply with their requirements.
3.2. Before the start of classes, the Visitor must pay for the service, or provide a subscription for this service.
3.3. The visitor is obliged to make sure that there are no medical or other contradications to rock climbing for himself or a minor child, of which he is a representative.
3.4. Persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, under the influence of other potent or medicinal drugs, the use of which limits or reduces attention, vision, reaction, as well as the ability to control their actions and realize their consequences for themselves and others, are not allowed to the climbing gym.
3.5. All Visitors who are on the climbing gym are required to follow the instructions of the duty trainer and administrator regarding behavior on the climbing gym, the use of equipment.
3.6. In the absence of rock climbing experience, the Visitor is allowed only for a lesson with a trainer (trial or personal class).
3.7. Responsibilities of Visitors at the Climbing Gym in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection in accordance with the Recommendations for the prevention of new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) in physical culture and sports facilities (outdoor and indoor sports facilities, fitness centers, swimming pools and fitness clubs) (Guidelines MR 3.1 / 2.0183-20):
3.7.1. Upon entering the Climbing Gym and after visiting the public areas at the Climbing Gym, Visitors must treat their hands with skin antiseptics intended for these purposes (including using the installed dispensers). Additionally, you can use disinfectant wipes.
3.7.2. In reception zone of Climbing Gym, in changing rooms, restrooms and in the recreation area it is recommended to wear masks (disposable or reusable) or respirators.
3.7.3. Allow the Climbing Gym staff to measure the temperature at the entrance to the Climbing Gym prior to class. If there is a high temperature, the Visitor is not allowed to classes at the Climbing Gym.
3.7.4. Drinking bottled water, tea, coffee and water in glasses on the territory of the Climbing Center is served only for take away.
3.7.5. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters with other Visitors and the staff in the Climbing Gym.
3.7.6. When forming a queue, Visitors must maintain a social distance of not 1.5 meters.
3.7.7. Leave the territory of the Climbing Gym immediately after the end of classes, do not linger in locker rooms, restrooms, in recreation areas after the end of classes.
3.8. It is prohibited on the territory of the climbing wall:
3.8.1. drink alcoholic beverages, use drug and other potent substances, smoke;
3.8.2. be without removable shoes or shoe covers;
3.8.3. disrupt order at the climbing wall, cause harm, destroy the property of Climb Lab;
3.8.4. leave garbage and foreign objects on the territory of the climbing wall;
3.8.5. insult visitors or staff of the climbing wall, behave indecently;
3.8.6. be in rock shoes outside the climbing wall;
3.8.7. wash your hands in a drinking water purifier and feet in the sink in changing rooms;
3.8.8. violate safety and fire safety requirements;
3.8.9. engage in any commercial activity without the consent of the climbing gym management.
3.9. Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for classes with children in the Climbing Gym in accordance with SP 3.1 / 2.4 3598 -20 (valid until January 1, 2021):
3.9.1. Classes at the Climbing Gym with children are held in separate age groups. The age groups of children do not mix.
3.9.2. Children are subject to thermometry at the entrance to the Climbing Gym, with the results being recorded in the journal for persons with a body temperature of 37.1 and above in order to carry out anti-epidemiological measures. Persons with signs of infectious diseases (respiratory, intestinal, elevated body temperature) are subject to isolation until the arrival of an ambulance (emergency) team or the arrival of their parents (legal representatives).
3.9.3. Children need to treat their hands with skin antiseptics when entering the Climbing Wall, after visiting a sanitary facility, including using soap.
3.9.4. A visit to the Climbing Gym by children who have had a new coronavirus infection, and (or) in case of contact with people who have had COVID-19, is allowed if there is a medical certificate that there are no contraindications for classes at the Climbing Gym.


4.1. Visitors have the right:
4.1.1. count on the provision of services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Price List;
4.1.2. to receive sufficient and reliable information about the services, their cost, conditions of provision, working hours, changes in the schedule, training schedule and any other information necessary to use the services of Climb Lab;
4.1.3. express or revoke consent to receive reference, information and advertising materials from Сlimb Lab at the Visitor's e-mail address and / or phone number, as well as to process his personal data for these purposes;
4.1.4. leave reviews, suggestions, wishes, complaints, comments on the work of the climbing wall.


5.1. The climbing gym undertakes:
5.1.1. provide services of proper quality in accordance with the description of services in the Price List;
5.1.2. ensure the safety of the climbing wall in accordance with the requirements of the Safety Instructions and current legislation, including in order to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection;
5.1.3. maintain the proper condition of equipment, inventory, and other equipment used in the process of providing services;
5.1.4. promptly notify Visitors about changes in the schedule, working hours, conditions for the provision of services, Safety Instructions;
5.1.5. ensure compliance with fire safety requirements, sanitary standards, legal norms on the processing of personal data, requirements and recommendations for the prevention of a new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) and other regulations.

6. RIGHTS of Сlimb Lab

6.1. Climb Lab has the right to make changes to these Terms, including the Safety Rules, Price List, application forms, as well as the climbing wall and / or training schedule, unilaterally at any time, notifying Visitors about changes on the information board, on the website , on the official pages of the climbing wall in social networks, with possible additional distribution of information by e-mail.
6.2. The climbing gym has the right to limit the area and conditions of climbing in the preparation and conduct of sports, entertainment and other events, in order to comply with the requirements and recommendations of the authorized bodies for the prevention of new coronavirus infection (Covid-19) or in other situations of need, subject to prior notification of Visitors.
6.3. The climbing gym has the right to involve third parties to provide services, being responsible for their actions as for their own.
6.4. The climbing gym can establish permanent or temporary discounts, preferential conditions and apply marketing campaigns in order to promote their services. In this case, the discounts provided are not cumulative; the Visitor is provided with the largest of the offered discounts.
6.5. In case of violation of these Terms and / or Safety Rules, Climb Lab Climbing Gym, represented by any of its employees, has the right to refuse to visit or ask the violator to leave the Climbing Gym, including calling security. Thus, the Climbing Gym ensures the safety of all Visitors to stay and practice at the Climbing Gym.


7.1. Visiting personal classes and groups is possible only with an appointment, or if there are free places in the group.
7.2. If you are late for class, the class time is not extended. If the visitor is late for more than 20 minutes, the Visitor cannot join the current lesson.


8.1. The parties are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of these Terms of Service in accordance with applicable law.
8.2. The climbing gym is not responsible for harm caused to the life and health of the Visitor and / or his minor child due to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the Public Offer Agreement, violation of the requirements of the climbing gym instructors, Safety Rules, these Terms and the current legislation.
8.3. Сlimb Lab is not responsible for the possible consequences that may be caused by medical contradications to rock climbing for the Visitor and / or his minor children.
8.4. The visitor is fully responsible for the state of his health and / or his minor child. Сlimb Lab is not responsible for any harm associated with any deterioration in health and injuries sustained as a result of exercising on the territory of the climbing wall, in the absence of the fault of the climbing wall in the resulting consequences.
8.5. Climb Lab does not accept visitors' property for safekeeping and is not responsible for things left on the territory of the climbing wall.
8.6. The visitor is fully responsible for compliance by him and / or his minor child with the terms of the Agreement, including damage to equipment and property of the Climb Lab climbing wall. The Visitor is obliged to compensate the Climbing Wall in full for the damage caused to the property of the Climbing Gym and / or its employees, as well as any losses incurred as a result of violation of these Terms of Service, including penalties.


9.1. Climbing gym Climb Lab operating hours:
Monday - Sunday: 7:00-00:00;
9.2. The climbing area must be vacated at least half an hour before the climbing gym closes in order to ensure smooth cleaning of the hall.
9.3. The warm-up area must be vacated at least 15 minutes before the climbing wall closes.
9.4. The training schedule for adult and children's rock climbing groups is located on the official website of the climbing wall.
9.5. Сlimb Lab climbing gym contact information:
Official website address: climb-lab.ru
Phone for any questions: +7 (495) 023-39-93
E-mail: info@climb-lab.ru
The address of the official page of the center on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/climblabmoscow/
The address of the official page of the center in VKontakte: http://vk.com/climb_lab
The official page of the center in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/climb_lab_moscow/

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